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Q. Should I print the Production Management Guide?

A. Yes. We recommend that you print the Guide, available on your CD and on this website.

    You will need the Guide to:
       ~ Install the program
       ~ Run the program for the first time

Q. How do I print the Production Management Guide?

A. Place the CD in your CD-Rom drive. Using Windows Explorer, access the CD-Rom drive. Double click the ‘PMGuide.doc’ or ‘PMGuide.pdf’ file. If the guide was downloaded from this website, use Windows Explorer to find the file and double-click on the file.

This should open the file either in your default word processing program or Acrobat Reader.

Q. How do I install Production Management?

A. Detailed installation instructions are contained in the Production Management Guide.

Q. After I have installed Production Management, why does the program display ‘Trial Version’ on the Control Panel and on the reports?

A. The program will display ‘Trial Version’ until the annual license key is obtained from Accountants Solutions, Inc. This trial version allows you to use Production Management risk free for 60 days. If at anytime during this 60-day period you are unsatisfied with the program and wish to receive a complete refund, contact Accountants Solutions, Inc. for details. At anytime during the 60-day period you decide to continue to use Production Management, contact Accountants Solutions, Inc. to obtain your annual license key. This key will remove ‘Trial Version’ from the Control Panel and the reports.

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