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Kim Bryant - Bryant & Associates

Production Management helped me change my office.  I didnít realize how long it was taking to process the monthly accounts.  PM helped me track the time and analyze the billing rates.  Understanding the average production rate and adjusting fees accordingly has made a huge impact on our profitability.

Tom Bowman - Bowman & Company

Production management allowed me to gain control of my practice. The program is easy to use and the reports are eye opening.

Vince Howard - Howard, Howard and Hodges

No more searching through multiple spreadsheets and manual production forms.  Once we implemented PM we now have our firm's production information at our fingertips.  This has become one of the most important software applications in my office. 

Darlene Belter - TAXXSolutions

Production Management Solution has been proven to be one of the best management tools available to business owners!  Not only does it help identify the non-billable hours your employees are spending by day, but also the profit you are or are not making on your clients.  My fee increases for clients use to mean weeks of pouring over manual reports and asking questions as to who the needy clients were that required far more time than projected.  Now it takes no time at all to find those answers.  It has also been invaluable to know at a glance which clients need date sensitive returns prepared or are not being processed timely whether the employee is in or not.  I would highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to know where their profits may be going.   




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